Holiday Cake & Bakery Orders

Cakes and bakery items for pickup on or before December 24th can be ordered until 5:00 PM on Friday, December 21st. Any orders placed after 5:00 PM on Friday will be for pickup on or after Wednesday, December 26th, 2018.

Holiday Hours.

Gingerbread resort
Ginger-bread resort

Price Changes.

In an effort to grow and improve we may raise our prices. Our prices are subject to change without notice.

Order Cancelations and Changes.

We respectfully request that you not make any changes to your order or cancel your order within 72 hours of pick-up or delivery. We begin working on your order days before. We plan, design, schedule people, gather ingredients and begin producing the details that will make up your entire order. We’ll do our best to accommodate changes made before 72 hours. Please email or call Copenhagen Bakery and request to speak to a cake specialist. Only a cake specialist can confirm changes or cancelations for your order. Cancelations made 72 hours prior to delivery or pickup will be given a store credit.

After 48 hours deserts may lose their freshness. Cakes that are not picked up from the bakery will be held for 48 hours then disposed of.

If an order is undeliverable, due to customer error in the delivery information, the cake will be taken back to Copenhagen Bakery and held for 48 hours or until the customer confirms the correct delivery information. Whichever occurs first. You may be charged an additional delivery fee for the second delivery attempt.

Holiday Hours.


We’re always closed on the following Holidays…

  • Closed New Years Day.
  • Closed Easter Sunday.
  • Closed for Thanksgiving.
  • Closed on Christmas Day.

Do you have any gluten free items?

In our restaurant, some salads and steak can be made gluten-free for you. Please ask your server.

Tap here to place an order online for gluten-free bakery items.
To see a list of gluten-free bakery items at Copenhagen Bakery & Cafe Tap the picture below.

NOTICE: Gluten free items are NOT made in a gluten free enviorment.

Gluten Free items Bakery items.

In the bakery, we have several gluten-free items such as our Sarah Bernhardt. Please ask one of our associates.

What’s the difference between Copenhagen’s Specialty Cakes and our Special Occasion Cakes?

Specialty Cakes are baked fresh most days at Copenhagen Bakery. Specialty Cakes are our Princess Cake, Romanoff Cake, Mushroom Cake, Niagra Falls Cake, German Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Rasberry Cake, and our Carrot Chiffon Cake.

Our specialty cakes are what Copenhagen Bakery is known for. We usually have a good selection of 8″Specialty Cakes in stock early in the day. We may sell out so please order ahead.

Order online at least 24 hours in advance to reserve your cake.Tap here to order a Specialty Cake online for pickup or delivery.

Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for online orders and custom orders. Need a cake faster? Sometimes, on short notice, We’re able to customize one of our specialty cakes with a message written in icing and buttercream roses (no charge). Please call the bakery and ask to speak to a Cake Specialist to see if we can accommodate your cake order on short notice. Ph: (650) 342-1357

Special Occasion Cakes

Special Occasion cakes are custom made cake art from your idea, theme, drawing, or picture. It takes time to manifest your idea into edible art. Tap the links below to get a quote for a custom-made cake, order your custom made cake, or schedule a tasting appointment.

Q: How quickly can I get a custom made cake?

It depends on the cake you want and how quickly you want it. For online orders a minimum of 12-24 hours is required to produce and decorate one of our specialty cakes.

For a highly decorated Custom Cake art please allow 48-72 hours minimum. Tap here to get a Custom Cake Quote.

Need a cake quicker than 12-24 hours? We usually have an assortment of cakes already baked fresh that day. If our cake decorator is available on short notice, we can write whatever you like on one of our baked today specialty cakes. In whatever color icing you desire. We can add buttercream roses in your choice of colors. All at no extra charge. We can print your favorite photo as an edible image in icing. We’ll place your edible image on top of your cake. There’s an upcharge for edible images.

Email or call and ask for a cake specialist to see if we can accommodate you on short notice. Ph:+1 (650) 342-1357

Tap here to see our Specialty Cakes.

Tap here to get a Custom Cake Quote.

Q: How quickly can I get a cake?

It depends on how elaborate your cake is and what ingredients you requested.

Most Online orders for specialty cakes can take 12-24 hours to process depending on the cake.

Custom made highly decorated cake art usually takes 72-48 hours to produce.

Need a cake in less than 24 hours? Our cake department may be able to accommodate you. We may have some baked today specialty cakes in stock. If a cake decorator is available on short notice, a message can be written on your specialty cake with colored icing. Add buttercream roses in your choice of colors. All for no extra charge. Please call the bakery and ask to speak to a cake specialist if you need something in less than 24 hours. Ph:+1 (650) 342-1357

Please allow a minimum of 12-24 hours processing for purchases made on our online store.

Holidays are the busiest at Copenhagen.

We may stop taking orders several days before the holiday because we sold out. Order ahead to ensure you have your favorite Copenhagen Bakery treats this holiday.

Can you do a custom cake on short notice?

Sometimes we can create a special cake for you in less than 48-72 hours.  We usually have some Specialty cakes, baked that morning and usually in stock early in the day. We can write whatever you like on your cake in any color icing we have. We can put buttercream roses on your cake in any color you like. No charge. For a fee We can print your favorite photo and place it as an edible image on top of your cake. Please email us at or call the bakery and ask to speak to a cake specialist.

For custom cakes please allow a minimum of 48 to 72 hours to process your custom cake order. The more time we have to create your cake dreams the better.

Tap here to request a custom cake quote.

Online bakery orders for most items usually take 12-24 hours to process. If your order is placed later in the day it may not be ready for pick-up the next day. Please email or call and speak to one of our cake specialists to see what we can do for you on short notice. Ph:(650) 342-1357